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Are you a hipster?

Pharrell Williams wants to know.


Is it irony when one of music/fashion’s biggest hipster bros wants to find out whether or not you’re a hipster? We’re not a hundred percent sure, but either way, Pharrell Williams has started a media company and one of their projects is the Stereotypes web-series.

I am Other is the company’s name and they’re going to be dabbling in music, film, television, apparel, tech and multimedia.

The first video/vox-pop was about whether music has colour (ie: do you listen to ‘white’ or ‘black’ music?) and this most recent video they’ve released is all about the infamous and over-used term: hipster.

According to just about everybody in the video, nobody wants to be a hipster, but everybody seems to resemble one.

We have to say that the only person who makes perfect sense is the guy who runs the hat shop. Can we all stop hipster-bashing and hipster-hating and even using the word hipster from now on please? No? OK.

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