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Banksy for Britain

The world famous street artist returns for some Jubilee action


It's him! Oh wait.. no, wait, maybe it is? It was 2009 when his last piece appeared in London, could this be the latest piece by the infamous Banksy?

First of all let's clear up two things here:

  1. 1) Obviously this could be a copy-cat
  2. 2) When we say "Banksy for Britain", let's not take it too literally
This work popped up overnight in the suburb of Wood Green in North London, and as always there's the overhanging cloud of doubt that it could be an actual work by the "anonymous" Banksy. However it's the message behind the piece that has sources thinking it's legitimate.

The piece, which appeared out the front of a Poundland (a UK chain discount store) features a young boy labouring away, working on sewing Union Jack bunting - a decorative piece we've seen showing up in shops and on the streets of London as we approach Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, which celebrates the monarch's 60 years on the throne. The child engaging in sweatshop-esque activity highlights the disparate wealth of the west in the face of the origins products purchased (in comparison to the location and conditions in which they are created).

The graffiti appeared in the wake of the destruction of another original Banksy on the other side of the world. Builders in Melbourne, Australia destroyed the Parachuting Rat, a fixture in the suburb of Prahran for the past 15 years. See below, pre and post builder interference side by side.

Banksy Parachuting Rat

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  • AnnieC


    about 3 years ago


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