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Bon Iver's Justin Vernon gets ink.

Designed by a fan.


Justin Vernon, founder and front man of the phenomenal indie folk-rock group Bon Iver, is getting new ink. Which is cool. But he's the founder and front man of the phenomenal indie folk-rock group Bon Iver, so cool isn't quite enough.

In a show of nonchalant bravery, he's passed tattoo design rights over to his fans, sending out a request for creativity over the twitter-sphere (don't you just love the internet?).

If you want to be crowned the indie-artistic individual that designed Justin Vernon’s permanent body markings, you've unfortunately missed the boat. In fact, the winner's been chosen, so you can't even have a say. But you can still view the winner’s master piece online before it’s inked, if that’s of any consolation? “Hey, did you hear Justin Vernon’s getting a new tattoo? Yeah it’s of a ” … that sounds worthy of a little street cred.

See the winning tat here. Don't miss the boat next time and follow Bon Iver's tweets here.

This article was written by Samantha Chalker from Saving for Cuba.

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