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Breakfast street food in Vietnam

Soup’s on.


Street food is the best, and usually – if you’re not a total chicken – there’s simple and delicious treats to be found all over the sidewalks of South-East Asia. (We’re not saying you have to try fried insects.)

The only time that it can get a little strange on our little Westernised tummies is breakfast. Some street food in SE Asia seems a bit intense for the morning, but you have to give it a try – at least once.

Vietnam offers some of the best street food for breakfast ever, and we’ve decided to list a few traditional brekkies that you should definitely take for a spin.

(And don’t forget our rule, head to the vendor who is getting the most action. It not only means it’s probably good, but also has a high turn-over of ingredients, so nothing is sitting in the sun for too long.)  

Banh Cuon – Steamed rolls. Inside is seasoned minced pork, usually.

Banh Mi – Vietnamese bread roll. This one is an easy one to get your head around. It’s basically a spicy pork roll with lots of carrot, chilli and coriander.

Xoi – Sticky rice. It’ll come with green beans, corn, peanuts, egg or on its own.

Pho – Broth with vegetables. You know about pho, you just might not have had it for breakfast, right?

Bun – Vermicelli rice noodles.  Served cold, vermicelli noodles is usually topped with meat or fish.

Comments (1)

  • VietRaver


    almost 3 years ago

    those subs are delicious

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