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Buongiorno Italia!

#GetPacking with Contiki & Shopcade


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Every girl's dream is to have a handsome Italian man say "Ciao Bella!" Handsome Italian men or not, Italy is an absolute dream.

Some might not know where the Colosseum is, but if you ask where pizza and pasta came from, it's a no-brainer… Italy. Not to mention the fashion.  How could a fashion lover speak of fashion without mentioning the Italian icons that are Gucci, Versace, and Prada. From ruins to modern decadence, Italy is rich with history and sights to behold. Simply put, Italy is a triple threat- a food power house, a fashion empire, and a historical dream.

Here are our Top 3s for Italian food, Italian fashion, and Italian sights.


You can't go to Italy without gelato. If you're in Rome, give Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè a shot. More than 100 flavors to try!


Pizza Margherita
It all started in Italy, so you must enjoy it there! When in Rome, give La Rioni a try.


Pasta Carbonara
Possibly the most iconic Roman dish, order it at Zii Umberto: Piazza della Malva.




Spanish Steps in Rome
You would be crazy not to at least walk by the Haute Couture shops near the Spanish Steps.


No fashion lover would miss an opportunity to visit Milan, which has a location for nearly every fashion house in the world.


Flea Markets and antiques abound in Florence. Check out Piazza Santa Spirito for vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, and antiques.



Venice Canals
With more than 150 canals, you're sure to get lost at least once, but it's all part of the Venetian charm! From gondola rides to museums and churches, you can't miss Venice.


Pompeii (and Herculaneum)
Eh-eh-o eh-o. Eh-eh-o eh-o. Eh-eh-o eh-o. You all know the song (and probably sing along to it), but if you've ever dreamt of wandering through an ancient town that hasn't changed much in 2,000 years, you must go.


Arguably the most famous place in Italy (if not all of Europe). When you get inside, you can imagine what it might have been like to attend a gladiator battle back in 80 AD.



No matter what you're looking to find in Italy, let Shopcade help you do it while looking effortlessly chic. Check out our Buongiorno Italia board on Shopcade!

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