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Burger Me Baby

Best Burger Joints in NYC


A popular question I am asked isn’t, “Where can I find the best NY slice?” but, “Where can I get a damn good BURGER in your city?” Well. Ask and ye shall receive. Here are my personal favorites for best burger in NY, and possibly… the country.

Five Napkin Burger

Make sure your pants have an elastic waistband before walking into my favorite burger joint in the city. Regardless of how full you are, you are going to want to finish every bite of your aptly named Five Napkin Burger. Actually, you’ll need more like 15 napkins once it’s all said and done, but trust me, you won’t care nor will you have any shame about messily digging in to any of the gut busting gems on this menu. In addition to their 4 locations in NYC, you can now get Five Napkin Burgers in Miami, Boston and Atlanta as well. SKIP most everything on this menu that isn’t a burger, unless you’ve been here enough times to try every single one. Their shakes are a beautiful way to wash down this shameless display of a meal. Artery clogging has never tasted so good!

Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien

It looks like you need to don your Sunday best to waltz into Le Parker Meridien, one of NY’s better hotels, but don’t be intimidated. Saunter right past the front desk to the back of the lobby where you’ll find their Burger Joint, a typically standing room only hot spot where during the weekdays you’ll find plenty of bankers who fancy themselves hip, and on the weekends, hipsters who fancy themselves, well… fancy. Don’t expect anything exotic on their barebones menu, but less ingredients spells delicious staple burgers at this tucked away spot.

Shake Shack

It is not uncommon to wait over 45 minutes on line at any of the six Shake Shacks located across the city, especially in summer. Like Five Napkin, Shake Shack has also expanded to Miami, Philadelphia, Washinton DC and Connecticut – and with good reason. Their made to order burgers are fantastic, and on a nice day their Madison Square Park location is a particularly lovely spot to enjoy the city while digging in. For those of you who have been to the west coast – these burgers will make you completely forget the In-N-Out Burger… East side is where it’s at!!

The Breslin Bar & Dining Room

For old Hollywood ambiance and the best damn lamb burger you’ve ever tasted, hop on over to the Breslin Hotel’s Bar & Dining Room. In fact, there is only one burger on their menu, but I’m TELLING you… you won’t be sorry. It’s worth every penny of the (albeit high) $21 price tag, and the feta, cumin mayo and “thrice cooked chips” couldn’t compliment it more perfectly. No, The Breslin Bar & Dining Room is not a burger joint, but their one burger is so good, it’s more than worth putting on my list.

From enjoying a 100% beef patty on a sunny day in the park, to gorging on lamb in a dark, leathery room… these NYC burgers really do let you have it your way.

Rebecca Jaymes is a local singer in NYC. To find out more about Rebecca, head to

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