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Chip Shop, New York

All deep fried everything.


It’s funny when a super popular and well known restaurant in one city is actually replicating a style from another. Like the Australian-themed Outback Diners in America (which aren’t really popular with foodies, but evidently are making a buttload of money).

Such is the case with the Chip Shop – it’s a British-style diner in Park Slope, New York – and it is crazy popular. What’s so good about British food? Chip Shop answers that question by saying: we will deep-fry ANYTHING.

This Brooklyn take-out spot is run by an English couple and opened way back in 2001. First they deep-fried a Mars Bar, now it’s everything from Oreos to Mac-n-Cheese, toast and beans, Twinkies, pretzels, pop tarts, pizza, you name it.

Basically you can take anything you like into the place and they will deep-fry it for you. Apparently once a customer asked for deep-fried sushi. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?

But you name it, they’ll fry it.

Chip Shop is at 383 5th Ave, Park Slope, New York.

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