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Christopher Street for Pride Week

June 16th to June 24th.


Christopher Street in New York’s West Village is a significant place to visit.

Back in 1969 it was the location of the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Inn was one of the very few places that marginalised people – gay, bisexual and transgendered – were welcome; back then homophobia was rife in the States.

One night the bar was raided by police as it was owned by the mafia and a sense of fear came over many of the patrons (a lot of whom were not openly gay or cross-dressing) and some women were inappropriately “frisked” by police.

It escalated into a full-blown riot which is now recognised as one of the most important events in gay liberation in the USA.

You can visit Christopher Street, and the Stonewall Inn, during Pride Week and sign a petition to make the street’s landmark status official.

The Stonewall Inn is at 53 Christopher Street, New York City.

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