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Contiki chats to Phebe Starr.

We've got a crush.



Phebe Starr may be relatively new on the Australian music scene, but that sure as ship doesn't dull our excitement about hearing her new music.

Since being unearthed by Triple J in 2012, Phebe Starr has been dropping jaws left right and centre. We had a quick chat with her to see how things are going. Pretty darn well by the sounds of it.

What’s life been like since being Unearthed by Triple J?

Incredible! I am so thankful of the support Triple J have offered through unearthed. If it wasn't for them I'd probably still be in my bedroom making music that people would never hear!

Your sound and visuals thus far have been very mystical and “other worldly”. What can we take from that? Is it a reflection of your personality?

Yes, I'm very intentional with the themes in my music and everything I write or release has come from my life - it's very personal. I love to explore human nature and the fragility of humanity I think thats why I am obsessed with the idea of other worlds and the wider galaxy - metaphorically it says so much about the human race and the contradictory tragedy and hope we profess.

It looks like you’re set for big things; is there one destination on the map you hope your music will take you to?

The universe! ha! At the moment I am thrilled to be spending some time in the US and UK before the release of my E.P. back in Australia. We will see how it goes, hopefully its the first of many exciting trips!

You’re being compared to some pretty big names like Stevie Nicks. Who really inspires your music?

I have so many musicians that have inspired me... In my early years I loved Carol King, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and then came Bjork, The Cure, Beck. I was also really influenced by my older siblings listening to and making beats for raves - I think this is where I started merging the 2 styles.

What does 2013 have in store for you besides releasing your debut EP?

A lot of writing new music, touring, traveling & designing!

Here's the Jurassica clip for your viewing pleasure:

Article by Samantha Chalker from Saving For Cuba.

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