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Contiki heads to the 79th Annual Wee Waa Show.

Because, Daft Punk.


You heard it here first. Contiki is heading to the 79th Annual Wee Waa Show to attend the Global Launch Party for Daft Punk's greatly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories. For the remarkably underrated price of $300, you'll get return transfers from Sydney, PVC tepee accommodation (aka camping in a tent) at the beautiful Seplin Estate Winery, and of course, your ticket to the Wee Waa Show.

In typical Daft style, there's a fair bit of mystery surrounding the event. But using our flawless investigation techniques and a few harmless assumptions, here's how we imagine the two days will play out:

Friday the 17th of May:


We meet outside The Holiday Inn at Potts Point. A thick smog of excitement for the journey ahead will surround us and we'll all be buzzing with questions. Will the Daft Punk boys surprise us with an appearance? Will Pharrell be by their side sporting more gold than the Boddington mine? Will the Wee Waa Bakery have almond milk for our coffees? Ahh, "the thrill of the unknown", we'll sigh in harmony.


Not long after passing through towns like Muswellbrook (home of Hunter Belle cheese, made discriminatorily from the milk of Brown Swiss Cows) and Scone (ain't famous for scones), we'll arrive in Gunnedah, where we'll enjoy a quick bite to eat. The Naturally Beautiful Gunnedah boasts a plethora of dining options, including but not limited to The Courthouse Hotel (staff pick), Happy Valley Chinese Restaurant and The Tender Hen.


Sometime around the clock striking 3, we'll descend upon Wee Waa's Seplin Estate Winery. We'll all set about frantically erecting our tents before heading off to explore the depths of Fire For Roasting (that's English for Wee Waa), eventually taking the short stroll to The 79th Annual Wee Waa Show (gates open at 3:30).


By now we'll be knee deep in all things country fair. Some of us may own a new tea cosy or two, others may be casting their discerning vote in the Showgirl Competition. At some point, we'll all release our bated breath and bask in the euphoria of being the first humans on planet earth to hear Random Access Memories.


When the lids on the jam are sealed shut and the fireworks have ceased cracking, we'll all trot back to the winery where we'll kick on into the wee (sorry) hours with the hordes of others pitched amongst the vines.

Saturday the 18th of May:


Good morning sunshine! We'll emerge from our tents and come say g'day to the delicate daisies adorned with fresh morning dew at our doorsteps. Here, we'll all spend some time pondering how great it is to be alive. After a quick breakfast (preferably from the deep fired family) it's back to Syd. We'll all wave goodbye to our new found friends and pensively consider whether we'll ever get to see Wee Waa again.


We're back in the big smoke. The Wee Waa country air will be but a distant memory and it's time to drag our sorry souls home to rest our weary heads. Thanks for coming.

To register your interest in attending the 79th Annual Wee Waa Show with Contiki, click HERE.

(Article written by Samantha Chalker, photo via The Sydney Morning Herald.)

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