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Contiki Loves Oceans

Find out more about what we’ve been up to under the sea


You travel to experience the amazing natural and cultural stuff the world has to offer. That’s why Contiki is committed to helping protect the planet for the future. As a founding member of TreadRight Foundation, we proudly contribute to environmental efforts in marine preservation.

Along with a number of special projects, our goal is just as much to get you thinking and motivated to start taking action to improve the state of the planet.

Contiki supports the MAR Leadership Program, which helps young environmentalists in hands-on work protecting the world's second largest barrier reef. In June 2012, Contiki’s sustainability partner Celine Cousteau took Contiki travellers to Mexico where they dived the reef with her, and were able to become involved in hands on activity. Such activity included building coral nurseries to replenish damage done to the reef and catching and tagging species of fish for research. MAR is a Contiki partner and we continually look at ways to bring awareness to this fantastic organisation.

In 2013, the One Shot Series saw Contiki join forces with Celine and take a group of Contiki travellers, partners and media to explore the wonder that is the Galapagos Islands, home to the world’s most fragile ecosystem. All profits from the trip were donated to local organisation, Shark Savers, to support their ‘Citizen Science’ initiative. Find out more about Shark Savers here.

In addition to these large projects, we are endlessly making changes internally to support a more sustainable Earth. In New Zealand our Sales Managers as drive Honda Insight Hybrids so as to lessen the pollution on New Zealand’s beautiful landscape, we have an annual Sustainability Leadership program for staff to volunteer to lead on sustainable changes in their office, and we involve ourselves in multiple grass roots initiatives around the world – like helping to clean beaches in California, and the North Coast of New Zealand.

Are you involved in a sustainability initiative? Let us know!

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