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East Islands Vs West Islands – The Big Debate

Which Thai Island Hopper are you?


Picture the scenario: You want to travel to Thailand and see all that you can see, but you’re limited by time/money/friends with contrasting travel plans/an inability to make decisions. We’ve all been there, it’s tough! So what do you choose, the non-stop party vibe of the East, or the chilled out, picture perfect beaches of the West?

Luckily for you, we’re here to help! Take our simple quiz pitting East V West and you’ll discover what type of Thai Island Hopper you are in no time!

A – CHILLAXING. You like to live the easy life by hopping from idyllic island to idyllic island with cocktail in hand, and wrap up your perfect day with a spectacular sunset and delicious home cooked meal.

B – EXPLORING. For you, life’s an adventure and you can’t sit still! You’d spend the day exploring waterfalls, jungles and everything and anything under the sea. You’d grab a snorkel, a pair of trainers and a Ray Mears attitude to discover what’s out there!

A – Ice cold Chang

B – Any kind of alcohol served in a bucket

A – Riding an elephant through a tropical forest.

B – Setting sail on a long boat for a half days snorkelling cruise.

A – Bob Marley – Sun is Shining

B – Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

A – Lone wolf – I ride alone.

B – Pack wolf – we ride together, we die together, pack wolves for life.

A – Your swim suit still wet from the sea with a sarong – chilled, relaxed, easy.

B – Anything neon, flouro, and preferably glows in the dark.

A – The Beach

B – 24 Hour Party People

A – Dive Instructor

B – Flame Thrower

Mostly A answers…

You’re a beach lover through and through and love nothing more than spending your days on remote, idyllic beaches. You like to travel alone or in a small group, take your time and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. You can party with the best of them (and a night out in legendary Phuket is DEFINITELY on your agenda), but know when to stop and enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings. So what are you waiting for, book a Thai Island hopper West tour today!

Mostly B answers…

Man do you know how to paaartaaay! You’re the life and soul of any night out and are guaranteed to get even the most reluctant of friends up and dancing on the tables. An original thrill seeker, you thrive on exploring new places and seeking out new adventures and you’re bucket list reads like a what’s what of adrenalin stunts. Party person, book yourself on a Thai Island Hopper East tour right now!

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  • mhigurl


    about 1 year ago

    To know this one as they had to keep this changes all the time today. - James Cullem

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