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Elisabets, Barcelona

Resistence is useless.


The Spanish really have it sorted out, don’t they? First there’s the concept of siestas, but then there is tapas.

For those of us who get menu anxiety (what if I choose the wrong thing? What if I end up with food envy?) tapas is the perfect way to dine. Simply because you barely have to decide a thing: you just try every damn thing on the menu.

Elisabets in Barcelona is perfect for this: it’s a lively, loud, bustling and fabulous tapas restaurant and bar. You can get jugs of beer or sangria, sip on chilled red wine, whatever. But if you’re really here for the food, let’s talk.

Blood sausage with braised onion, fried potatoes in bolognaise sauce, chorizo, croquettes, jamon – this is traditional tapas.

Many of the wait staff don’t speak English, but don’t let that daunt you; food is an international language!

Elisabets is at 2 Elisabets, Barcelona, Spain.

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