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Rexy Edventures


Exploring cape tribulation

Ed Rex takes us to the far north


Australia. Down Under. 'Straya! Oz. whatever you want to call it, there are possibly a squillion things to do in this southern continent.

If you are starting in the north east corner of Cairns City or perhaps you are even approaching this city from your journey south, then I truly and excitably truly urge you to take a trip to Cape Tribulation. It's terrifyingly called the land of no mobile signal. If you are looking to experience the quiet away from the constant notifications coming from your iPhone stating your friend is in another marriage, then again head up to the land where the oldest rainforest in the world resides.

Cape trib

Hire a campervan, or perhaps even a 4x4 vehicle if you are tempted to head up from Cape Tribulation to Cape York along the Bloomfield Track, and stop off at the delightful places that litter along the coast and inland on the way to where many resident cassowaries can be found scoffing blue fruit and fertilises the seeds to build the rainforest.

So what is there to see along the way?

At a very short distance from Cairns you hit the Nothern Beaches that show their white sand stretches in all of its glory. There's so many to choose from, the aptly named Yorkey's Knob, pristine Palm Cove, stunning Etty Bay and finally the gorgeous Trinity Beach.

Yorkey's Knob

To view all of its beaches in one glance, I recommend that you stop off at Rex Lookout. Of course, it's my surname so I'm biased but it's a spectacular view!

You may want to stay overnight in Port Douglas, a quiet old port town that has a beautiful harbour, a happening scene and access to the infamous Four Mile Beach. You will truly feel that you are on set of Home and Away.

Waking up, jet off for a bracing swim at Mossman Gorge, a scene of bouldering beauty and don't forget to perch yourself on a rock and take that snap of you.

After getting your blood flowing, head on over to Daintree Village and take one of the crocodile spotting tours. You will guarantee to spot many and maybe snakes!


After a 'snappy' tour, cross the Daintree River using their pulley ferry and that's when you will not receive any messages from your loved ones asking when you will be coming back home. You are now in the Daintree National Park I.e. the oldest rainforest in the entire world!

Camp out in one of the few campsites in this cape and you will definitely see the rainforest coming all over you making a memorable experience. Just don't forget to shake out the spiders from your shoe in the morning.

There are many boardwalks through the rainforest that you can take advantage of and try to spot one of the rare Cassowaries that populate the rainforest. They can be the size of an emu!

I highly recommend for lunch that you stop off at the Daintree Ice Cream Company to try the four flavours of the day and then wash it down with Daintree Tea. It's truly a scrumptious affair.

Cape Trib

Then finally, to fan fare, keep driving until you reach the edge of the sealed road and you arrive to the legendary Cape Tribulation Beach! It's where Captain Cook in 1770 finally hit on the reefs of the Great Barrier Reef and landed ashore to make repairs. He couldn't have picked a better location. The rainforest and the mangroves meets the sea and the sand is crispy fine white making you feel you are truly on a deserted island.

When I got there, all I could say was 'Wow!

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