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Facebook brings out the worst in all of us

Be excellent to each other.


A recent study revealed that 25% of women admitted to deliberately putting unflattering photos of their friends on Facebook.

Let’s consider this for a second. First of all, 25% seems like an awful lot. And secondly, that’s just the percentage of females who admitted to it. (Many said it was a kind of revenge for when the friend had done the same to them.)

Surely by now – Facebook has been around since 2007, after all – we’ve grown tired of people posting 341 photos of their night out, in various states of inebriation and undress. But more so, we really like to think that mates don’t try to sabotage mates.

Ugh, this has really just gotten us all depressed.

Don’t forget: you’ll never make things better for yourself by making things worse for others.

Community service announcement over.

More here.

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