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Grimes ‘Genesis’

Amplify your crush on Claire Boucher.


You already have a crush on Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, right? Regardless of your gender or sexuality, we’re pretty sure you do. She’s just so damn adorable and charming.

Well, prepare to have your crush TURNT UP. Grimes has just released the video for ‘Genesis’ from her third studio album Visions.

The video is eight different kinds of awesome – with Grimes doing some slo-mo interpretive dance in the desert, a car full of mega-babes, some casual sword-fighting on the beach, some snakes... The costumes, the styling, the hair and make up, the entire concept set to Grimes’ atmospheric tune is a total delight.

If you didn’t already love Grimes, you probably do now. And if you still don’t, please get back to your Michael Bolton album. Carry on.

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