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Grom, Italy

You haven't tried gelato until you've tried Grom...

For years gelato has been an Italian delicacy and today it is still a firm favourite with many around the globe! Walk through any street, lane or plaza in Italy and you are bound to find half a dozen (at least) gelato shops, each drawing in the crowds and offering a huge selection of flavours to chose from.

Whilst strolling Milan's main shopping street Corso Buenos Aires recently we noticed a huge queue curling outside of a small gelato store and naturally, being the nosy people we are, decided we HAD to take a look. What we found was something quite different to the other gelato stores in the area. This one felt authentically Italian and at €3.00 for three scoops it did not seem like a tourist trap. Welcome to Grom.

Grom has been in operation since 2003 and today has stores all over Italy and in the trendy cities of Malibu, New York, Osaka, Paris and Tokyo. The store was started by two young Italian guys with a simple store philosophy, to provide a high quality gelateria, and that's exactly what Grom does. At this authentic gelateria, you won't find the showy ice cream cases bursting with gelato that hasn't had a scoop taken from it, or the ridiculous flavours of anchovy and olive created purely for the dumb tourist who wants to get the 'Italian experience. No, at Grom you will find a glass countertop with 15 or so different flavours, each covered with a stainless steel lid to keep it fresh and cool and a small card sign with the flavour, written in Italian of course.

The gelato here is whipped fresh every single day and is absolutely delicious! There is a big selection of flavours to chose from but the local favourites are the lemon Sfusato of Amalfi, hazelnuts Tonda Gentile delle Langhe Trefoil and pistachio. If you don't fancy the gelato (crazy!), Grom also offers a range of different granita's, frappe's and sorbet's, all made with only the finest fruits including peaches, apricots, pears, figs, strawberries and melons, yummo!

As if the amazing flavours of Grom weren't enough, the company is also economically friendly and runs a green project called 'Grom Loves World' that recognises its reponsability to the environment. So, while you enjoy your gelato you can bask in the fact that you have just purchased from a store that uses biodegradable and compostable materials, grows its own organic fruit and recycles anything and everything.

To find out more about Grom visit Under the philopshy the owners of Grom write 'What makes us happy? A child smiling while eating a Grom's gelato.' So, when in Italy get yourself over there and make their day!

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