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How Far Would You Go? - WINNERS!

Say hello to our 3 winners!


Travel is SO valuable to young people. Which is why we asked YOU How Far Would You Go for a FREE trip to Europe?

From what was a HUGE response, the top 20 as voted by you became our finalists. Our friends Jesse & Jeana at PrankvsPrank joined us in deciding which three out of the top 20 stood out the most and would be heading to Europe!

Leslie Lipa
EPIC 100 Good Things

100 good things in just a day! Giving hugs, making people smile by suddenly breaking out in dance, beating a world record... why the heck not? What comes around goes around so if given the chance, I'll pay it forward by showing that doing good isn't as hard as it seems. An epic adventure story is never really complete without random acts of kindness - an unexpected helping hand, strangers turned friends, or a sweet upgrade. Good things make adventures 1,000 levels better! Let's make it happen and advocate the good life with fun, adventure, and kindness the Contiki way!

Alyssa Pivniouk
Freefalling Olives

Being a person who is terrified of heights and also a person who will absolutely eat anything but olives, I will jump out of a plane and eat a whole slice of pizza covered in olives. Think about it. I win my dream trip that I could never afford and you win a video of a girl being scared for her life, disgusted by what she has to eat, all while getting slapped in the face at 10,000+ feet with one of Italy's finest creations. Sounds like a pretty good deal for both of us, don't you think?

Tammy Mansfield
The Good, The Bad, The UGLY

I am willing to drop everything and emerge myself in becoming a NYC Street Performer, 100%. All proceeds will be donated to All Stars Project, Inc. (promoting youth development through an innovative performance-based model). If chosen, I will also RECORD my entire trip (Go-pro), the good, the bad, the UGLY. Real world status, my lifelong dream.

CONGRATULATIONS to our amazing 3 winners. We'll be in touch over email with more information and can't wait to see you go the distance for a trip with us to Europe!

For those of you who missed out, thanks for entering - it's been super fun! Better luck next time, and if we've got you keen for Europe, you can check out all our tours here.

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