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Candice Does the World


How to dress like a Montrealer

Candice Walsh on French-Canadian fashion..


Since making my temporary move to Montreal, I’ve noticed a large dip in my bank account not just attributed to copious amounts of poutine eating.

Fashion is big here, and so is the pressure to look less like a hobo when I’m out in the city. This was a harsh realization when I first arrived. “What do you mean I can’t wear my sweatpants to dinner?” I whined to my friends. Things are a little more casual on the east coast, where “looking your best” generally means not wearing pajama pants in public.

Need to fit in? Start with these suggestions. (Mind you, Montreal digs fashion. This will probably change tomorrow.)

  1. Neon everything: This is bit of a worldwide trend at the moment, but the neon fad runs rampant in Montreal. Sunglasses, shorts, shoes, tank-tops, you name it. They wear it. Yes, even leggings. I despised this fad when it first came onto the scene, but the acquisition of a neon-pink Contiki tank made me change my mind. Apparently redheads can wear pink, even if it’s hot.
  2. Blazers and aviators: Together, always. One is not mutually exclusive of the other. Bonus points if you wear gladiator sandals, especially if they’re multi-colored.
  3. Insane patterned leggings: Running on the leggings theme, I’ve seen some of the most bizarre, zany patterns on leggings while out in the city...everything from neon leopard print to floral patterns to stripes that will make you go blind. It takes a bold woman to wear those babies, and I’m not one of them. I salute those who do, however.
  4. Baggy pants: You know, kinda like the ones that MC Hammer used to wear, except less outrageous. I’m not sure how people make this look good, but somehow they do. Even the floral ones. I think it’s something to do with being skinny.
  5. Coloured jeans. This one I love, because it exudes “summer.” The brighter the better, especially in greens and blues. The tighter the better as well. Might as well accentuate.
There, we’ve just scratched the surface. Go get those aviators!

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