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I ain't afraid of no ghost

Celebrate the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary with Contiki


You might not admit it but still after all this time when someone says “who you gonna call” a little voice inside your head will always say “Ghostbusters”! Who could believe it’s been 30 years since gigantic marshmallow looking ghosts were terrorizing New York and the only thing to save the city was Bill Murray. To celebrate the 80’s supernatural comedy 30th anniversary we're taking you through some of America’s haunted history… I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

New York
Home to the original Ghostbusters, where haunted sites are quite a normal occurrence. Houses, taverns, abandoned pools, hospitals and museums are just a few of the many haunted sites around the city. None are creepier than the “House of Death” in Greenwich Village, where 22 of its former residents haunt the corridors.

New Orleans
From the ghosts of Bourbon Street to the horrors of Lalaurie House in the French Quarter, New Orleans isn’t short of things that go bump in the night! If you’re up for a scare, head to St. Louis Cemetery for a midnight stroll. They say it’s the most haunted cemetery in the United States; often frequented by both human and animal ghosts and home to plenty of witchcraft and black magic.

Washington DC
Imagine a place where the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt walk peacefully under the same room as Barack Obama. The White House is said to house several ghost spirits of past presidents. They are frequently heard and seen floating through the halls and pacing back and forth in deep thought. Top off your stay with the D.C. After Dark tour and step further into America’s history.

San Francisco
Sunny San Francisco certainly has some haunted hidden secrets. When it comes to famous haunted sites, you can’t go past the infamous rocky island known as Alcatraz. It started a military detention centre before becoming America’s first maximum-security penitentiary, housing the worst criminals. Guards, workers and visitors have encountered bizarre activity from within the corridors and jail cells, including the occasional eerie sound of music, believed to be Al Capone practicing his banjo. Find out if you dare…

Spirits in Savannah
The charming and picturesque city of Savannah holds tales of haunted events and disturbed spirits, and reins the title of America’s Most Haunted City.  Join the ‘creepy tour’ at Clary’s Café, stroll through the haunted grounds of Bonaventure Cemetery or stay at the paranormally active 17 Hundred 90 Inn, where sleepless, lonely and heartbroken Anna often makes an appearance at night before exiting with a smash through the window.

Start your very own Ghostbusters trail and visit all these destinations and more on the Grand Southern adventure. You may be surprised what you find!

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  • mhigurl


    3 months ago

    It's this way for all that we had it much for the same action they had. - Bernadine Fried

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