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Il Pirato.

The Italian gem on the cliff.



What do you stumble upon when you rent a boat from Positano and drive around the Amalfi coast? Answer: a romantic seaside restaurant called Il Pirato. Nestled away in the cliffs of the quaint town of Priano, is the delightful waterfront restaurant slash bar slash day bed resort.

Spend the hours diving off the cliff ledges into rich aquamarine waters, sipping on frosted mojitos and feasting on authentic Italian cuisine that would send a Paleo convergent into a dizzy spell. Sit back, relax and watch the intense Italian sun as you slowly sink into the rhythm of Italian time. It’s the perfect setting to master “dolce far niente”; the art of doing nothing.

Don’t make the mistake and try to drive your boat right up to the rock ledge like total rookies in the attempt to make a breezy entrance (yes that’s what we did). One minute we are all “James bond” arriving to lunch by boat, nek minute we are cutting ourselves on the make-shift buoy whilst struggling to communicate to the bar assistant that we want to park the boat and come in. AND we had the every patron at the establishment forcing to hold back smirks and bursts of laughter. Embarrassment was an understatement. Note to self: learn to drive a boat before hiring one in Italy.

The boat cost about AUD$45 per hour from the main boat rental place on Positano beach. We were probably ripped off HEAPS but the challenge of bartering doesn’t excite the boyfriend much, so we paid the overpriced tourist rate and went on our merry way.

Il Pirato is the little Italian gem on the cliff and is a must-do next time you’re in the Amalfi. The boat ride should take you approximately 20 min cruise from Positano.

(This post was written by Phoebe Greenacre of Peejay Hearts.)

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