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In conversation with…Elise Swopes

Part 2 of #contikistorytellers – In Conversation


With an Instagram following of over 207k, a history of working with big name brands such as Nike and Samsung and INSANE iphonography skills, Elise Swopes is our new obsession. We caught up with our #contikistoryteller whilst in Costa Rica…

What mobile do you use and why?

iPhone because it has the best app market, and the camera is, to me, better than most of the other mobile phones.

What apps do you use to treat your images? What are the best?

Some apps I use are VSCOcam, Snapseed, and Filterstorm. Those are definitely the best.

What’s the best thing about mobile photography?

Best thing is that it IS mobile. We are able to shoot and edit on the go and share on the spot.

What’s the biggest challenge?

Biggest challenge is keeping your follower count growing and being yourself no matter how many followers you seem to get! Also, keeping your style seamless, and your feed cohesive.

What have you learned from Celine?

Celine definitely inspired me to be brave and believe in something so much that you actually go out and do it and inspire others to help.

Who has inspired you on this trip?

The people of Costa Rica have inspired me entirely. Their attitude, kindness, honesty, and culture are just so inspiring to me.

What's been your #noregrets moment so far?

Pretty much anything involving spiders, heights and water… so everything. hahaha

For more from Swopes, check out her Instagram here. Plus don't forget to enter our #contikistorytellers competition to be in with a chance of winning your very own trip to Costa Rica! Check out the competition here.

Prepare to be inspired, here's just a taster of Swopes's Instagram snaps from Costa Rica:

For the full Storytellers tale, tune into Contiki's YouTube channel this Earth Day, Tuesday April 22nd. Subscribe here.

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