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Spotted By Locals


Insider tips by Amsterdam locals!

Spotted by Locals City Profile

City locals know all too well how visitors and people unfamiliar with a city can get a very wrong picture of what the city is like. To confirm or disprove positive or negative prejudices, Spotted by Locals steps up to the plate! These locals know their city and are honest in their reviews of their favorite spots & hangouts. They are not in it for the money or any other type of personal gain. All they want is to share the real face of their hometown.

In the case of Amsterdam, no it's not all about their red-light district and weed. They do not visit said red-light district regularly and they do not smoke joints with a cup of coffee. Nor do they wear clogs!

Spotted by Locals Amsterdam shows the real Amsterdam through the eyes of six Amsterdam locals! Follow their tips online, on your iPhone, in PDF and soon on your Android phone too.

Here's a small pick of some of Amsterdam's great tips:

Pllek (by Lauren Murphy)

Another assumption is that it rains a lot in Amsterdam. While that might not be a very wrong assumption, they do get some great sunny days in Amsterdam. If that's the case when you're there, visit Pllek!

"It’s like a beach venue minus the beach crowd – a safe haven in between all the huge industrial constructions and rusty boats at the NDSM shipyard." Read more.


Copyright Lauren Murphy

Talia (by Madelien Schippers)

Amsterdam is very international and these other nationalities have brought their traditions and food to Amsterdam. Visit Talia for some delicious Italian delicacies, enjoy them at the venue, as take-out or shop to stock your own kitchen.

"Most of the products they use for their homemade pizza’s and focaccia’s are organic and fresh, I tried the pizza with vegetables and it was good!" Read more.


Copyright Madelien Schippers

Lunchroom Brezel (by Martin Sollmann)

Another example of international cuisines making a home for themselves in Amsterdam, is that of The Netherlands' neighbor, Germany. Lunchroom Brezel serves amazing German pastries!

"Culture is food and food is culture, and an outstanding example of German bakery tradition is the Brezel, in the US also known as the Pretzl, and this little salty pastry is the name giver of lunchroom Brezel in the Sarphatistraat." Read more.

Lunchroom Brezel

Copyright Martin Sollmann

Bitterzoet (by Gisela Clarke)

According to local Gisela a visit to Bitterzoet guarantees a good time. Bitterzoet is a very versatile club with different music genres and parties all week long.

" [...] the intimate atmosphere and the type of music still make it my favorite place to go dancing and to be assured of a good time." Read more.


Copyright Gisela Clarke

Whisky bar L&B (by Gerben Broens)

"A lot of bottles are mounted along the walls, thus the visitors are literally sitting between the merchandise. But all of this gives the spot a real living room feeling (in Dutch: huiskamergevoel)." Read more.

Whisky bar L&B

Copyright Gerben Broens

IJhallen (by Gisela Clarke)

Bargain shopping, vintage, flea market and a great trip on the ferry to get here, that about sums up the IJhallen!

"For an entrance fee of 4.00 you are free to spend as long as you want to rummage around the piles and piles of stuff that are on offer." Read more.


Copyright Gisela Clarke

Marqt (by Maarten-Jan Meyer zu Slochtern)

For all your foodstuff shopping! Healthy, organic, delicious and high quality all round. Read more.


Copyright Bart van Poll

The Movies (by Madelien Schippers)

The movies is Amsterdam's oldest, still-running, cinema. Screening quality Hollywood movies & arthouse films, with a restaurant & cafe on the premises, The Movies is great for an evening out.

"When you enter the venue you will quickly imagine yourself back in time, due to the classic art deco interior. [...] I’m not a big fan of those colossal modern theatres so I rather enjoy a film in a more intimate atmosphere, which I find at The Movies." Read more.

The Movies

Copyright Madelien Schippers

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