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Spotted By Locals


Insider tips by Athens locals!

Spotted by Locals City Profile

Athens is not only the capital & largest city of Greece. It’s also one of the oldest cities in the world at more than 3,4000 years old. Being the oldest also makes it the basis for civilation.

Athens is well known for its architectural masterpieces that feature in ancient myths about the Gods. But you, as a visitor might like to see where the current inhabitants of Athens hang out, instead of where the old ones used to dwell.

If that’s the case then Spotted by Locals Athens is a great source of information for you. One of 41 cityblogs, where the content is supplied entirely by Athens locals! Here’s a small selection of tips for you!

Taf (by Aggeliki Georgokosta)

Housed in a prewar building this contemporary arts centre offers many reasons for you to visit it, like the space itself and the good music too.

“Exhibitions of Greek and international visual artists, performances, live concerts and several other events are taking place there.” Read more.


Copyright Aggeliki Georgokosta

Piu Verde (by Petros Sideris & Maria Porfyriadi)

This gorgeous café & restaurant is located among the tall trees in Athens’ “Garden of Papagou”.

“Located amidst luxuriant vegetation, a lake and plenty of running waters; it creates an idyllic environment regardless of what time of day it might be.” Read more.

Piu Verde

Copyright Thanassis Zimianitis

Evripidou street (by Petros Sideris & Maria Porfyriadi)

Well known Chefs shop here for ingredients. This street filled with small shops is a colorful and tasty route! Each shop is filled to the rim with spices & ingredients.

“A walk down Evripidou street, therefore, is like a virtual tour to a brighter, more colourful world, full of pleasant scents and nostalgia. This aromatic street is considered a “cultural crossroad” for its “ethnic” character and diverse, multicultural communities.” Read more.

Evripidou street

Copyright Maria Porfyriadi

Istioploikos (by Petros Sideris & Maria Porfyriadi)

You can come here whatever the color of your mood may be. If you’re up for fine dining, there’s a restaurant. If you want to party, party on!

“Istioploikos is located right on a deck above the sea, simulating the appearance of a ship and offering a unique panoramic view.” Read more.


Copyright Petros Sideris

Koloktroni Kaservias (by Marilina Salamanou)

Local Marilena invites you to visit these streets and check out the shops she points out in her review!

“Lose yourself in this neighborhood – it’s worth it!” Read more.

Koloktroni Kaservias

Copyright Marilina Salamanou

Magaze (by Aggelikie Georgokosta)

Local Aggeliki recommends this place for any time of the day and for people watching too. Watch out for that (inevitable) sunburn though!

“It is just a simple café but the friendly atmosphere and the outdoor tables on the sun are the elements that making this place exceptional for me.” Read more.


Copyright Aggelikie Georgokosta

Zachari Alati (by Sofia Skioti)

Visit this spot for a good dinner or some delicious cocktails!

“The bistro is located in an old Athenian house, creating a great atmosphere. The back yard, the old iron stairs leading to the second floor, the high-ceiling rooms are a representative sample of the traditional Athenian architecture.” Read more.

Zachari Alati

Copyright Sofia Skioti

Athens Graffiti (by Sofia Skioti)

Like local Jana you can take note of the perfectly rounded cherubs’ bottoms, and visit this theatre to enjoy some great architecture and be entertained by one of the shows.

“All furnished in white, pale blue and gold, I feel like I am in a cultural paradise of the high-class Prague bourgeoisie from the end of 18th century. All cherubic bottoms are perfectly rounded.” Read more.

Athens Graffiti

Copyright Sofia Skioti

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