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Spotted By Locals


Insider tips by Prague Locals

Spotted by Locals City Profile



If you feel like exploring a city a little differently, try out Spotted by Locals Prague and explore a city like a local! Below you’ll find an example of great spots that locals love to visit in Prague.

Here's a small pick of some of Prague's great tips:

Kino Aero (by Irena Schlosserova)

This cinema is sleek, has a great bar and has a superb selection of films showing daily.

“Kino Aero is one of the few specialized in art films, various festivals and special projections. The cinema itself was built in the years 1930 – 33 in the courtyard of residential house in a purely functionalist style.” Read more.

Kino Aero

Copyright Irena Schlosserova

Al Capones (by Tomáš Jungwirth)

Tomáš assures you that he knows the pub & café life in Prague very well. Therefore when he recommends this tiny and cheap bar, you shouldn’t be too hard pressed to try it out.

“[…]this place has a very exceptional atmosphere. I don’t even know why – but if you walk through the narrow hall into a small room – you feel like entering another world.” Read more.

Al Capones

Copyright Tomáš Jungwirth

Pradelna Café (by Mascha Volynsky)

The pictue and Masha’s words are inviting & convincing enough aren’t they?

“Vaguely reminiscent of a French countryside living-room, with its blue and white décor and lavender stems in glass vases, Prádelna is all nouveau Žižkov. With mismatched quaint furniture, white walls and black-board menu, this non-smoking café seems to be made for a lazy afternoon of conversation and light snacking.” Read more.

Pradelna Café

Copyright Lucia Eggenhoffer

Klubovna (by Tomáš Jungwirth)

This place has had many uses throughout the years. It’s been a school and a boy-scout club. At the moment it should actually be demolished but hey, it’s still there for you to enjoy!

“Concerts, festivals or theatre plays take place there quite often. Klubovna offers a wide range of drinks including draught lemonades and a vast number of quality rums.” Read more.


Copyright Tomáš Jungwirth

Planetarium Praha (by Irena Schlosserova)

To be able to see the stars, all of them, when you’re in a city is quite unique. So this planetarium, with the world’s largest dome, is surely worth a visit to see those ellusive stars.

“The dome is one of the largest in the world, so imagine how many stars will fit there…yeah, many. The shows in English are of a limited number but I believe this tip is worth it.” Read more.

Planetarium Praha

Copyright Irena Schlosserova

Sapa (by Katerina Vankova)

Just look at the picture!! Need we say more? Okay, we’ll add that it’s Vietnamese food and there’s eating of shopping involved. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

“My favorite place is a tiny place named Hai Há – the have the best bún ch?- it is rich and savory.” Read more.


Copyright Katerina Vankova

Jirák Farmers Market (by Masha Volynsky)

This Farmers Market is large, colorful and has plenty of friendly shop keepers that love to educate you about their produce.

“In the summer months, there is often live music, grilled meat and beer on tap, giving it a somewhat Czech beer garden feel.” Read more.

Jirák Farmers Market

Copyright Masha Volynsky

The Estates Theatre (by Jana Kneschke)

Like local Jana you can take note of the perfectly rounded cherubs’ bottoms, and visit this theatre to enjoy some great architecture and be entertained by one of the shows.

“All furnished in white, pale blue and gold, I feel like I am in a cultural paradise of the high-class Prague bourgeoisie from the end of 18th century. All cherubic bottoms are perfectly rounded.” Read more.

The Estates Theatre

Copyright Jana Kneschke

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