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If there’s one thing we love as much as sharing our own travel photos, it’s lurking through other peoples! Okay, it’s not as good as actually going there, but it sure gives our feet that itchy inspired feeling!

Every day we scour Instagram to find the best Contiki travel snaps to share with our followers. Here’s some of the best from the week that was:

Where the magic happen. Photo via @amandaabboud_.
Even if Disney’s not your thing, you’ve gotta give the gardener a high-five for hedge work.

NYE aftermath. Photo via @jessicayasmin.

City of Romance. Photo via @benny__boi.
We love Paris. It’s the most romantic city in the world. Grab a padlock and leave your mark on the Bridge of Locks too.

Remember to look up! Photo via @royvaneck.

What happens in Vegas... Photo via @teaghanlee.
Check out the Vegas skyline from the Moon nightclub. Take there baby!

Room with a view. Photo via @abbeymohammed.

Check out Chateau de Cruix owned by Contiki. Photo via @bnano.
If there's anywhere we love to stay, it's Chateau de Cruix, Contiki's very own French Chateau.

All Masked Up. Photo via @giuliana_dot.

London calling. Photo via @shootin_shane.
Lets face it; this spectacular view of the Tower Bridge says it all! London is amazing and when London calls you’ve got to check it out.

Checkmate. Photo via @shygizmo

Special Thanks
Special thanks to our past passengers @amandaabboud_, @benny__boi, @teaghanlee, @shootin_shane and @bnano for letting us share their amazing photos and travel experiences.

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Add #contiki to your travel photos and we'll re-post our fav's.

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