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Kanye, DJ Khaled and Rick Ross

‘I Wish You Would’ / ‘Cold’.


So, at first we all thought Kanye’s song about Kim Kardashian was called ‘Theraflu’, then we thought it was called ‘Too Cold’ and now, with the release of this double-whammy, we’re told it’s called ‘Cold’.

Whatever, point is Kanye has teamed up with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross for the double video ‘I Wish You Would’ and ‘Cold’, directed by another regular Yeezy collaborator Hype Williams.

Williams (like with his video for West’s ‘All of the Lights’) has created a jolting, flickering, frenetic visual to accompany the tracks. It’s like an earthquake occurs during a strobe-lit underground dance party. Suffice to say, it’s probably not a great idea to watch this if you have epilepsy.

Look very carefully if you want to see Kimmy’s two-second cameo in the video too.

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