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Karlovy Lázně, Prague

Central Europe’s largest club…


Don’t you hate it when you’re at a club and you venture upstairs to find that it is exactly same to the level below? Well, you won’t have that problem at Prague night spot, Karlovy Lázně, this is a pumping venue that is basically five clubs crammed onto one – no one level is the same!

This much talked about club is the biggest in central Europe and comprises of five levels that seriously have to be experienced to be completely understood. The club is housed in a well preserved 15th century building which features striking mosaic hallways and walls, pictures and partially preserved old spa facilities and Roman style baths…do be sure to admire the building after your 12th pint or vodka soda!

Every floor of the club is different from the last, so it will feel as though you’ve been on a Club Crawl when in fact, you’ve hardly moved. Here’s a snapshot of what you can experience, let us know which level tickles your fancy.

Music Cafe

This is the lowest part of the club and is dominated by the video dance floor and long lead panel above the bar. It acts almost as an entrance to the club so attracts the most footfall and has free internet so you can get the Facebook check in done and dusted the minute you walk in.


If you love your dance music then this is the level for you! This floor has awesome light and sound effects which is sure to get you started on your night out. This floor originally had a pool, which you can now dance in, and now boasts a video wall, an interactive wall, laser statues and a hypercube – how times have changed!


This level is all about the ‘good old days’ and features the best tunes from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. This room boasts a light dance floor, retro style seating, Elvis and Marilyn behind the water wall and a DJ playing in a Cadillac so it is definitely worth checking out. However, be warned, on this level a girl screams ‘I LOVE this song’ every 20 seconds!


Yeah man, it’s time for some RnB and hip hop on this level! Party to some top beats from around the globe and marvel at the 10m long lightning equalizer above the dance floor. It’s hard not to love this level as it has a little something for everyone.

Chill Out Kick back on one of the gold couches and admire the original lightning walls of this new baroque style room. This level is designed for one thing and one thing only, to chill out, so enjoy it.

Where are some of the best nightspots you’ve partied at? Does Karlovy Lázně get your tick of approval?

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