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Klippkroog, Hamburg

A café plus more.


Klippkroog looks exactly like an upscale café you’d see popping up somewhere like Northcote or Clifton Hill or Surry Hills or the like. It’s airy and clean, full of kitsch and retro decorations, and serves coffee. (We never said it was rocket science.)

This place though, has a couple of differences. One is that it’s in Hamburg – a city that doesn’t quite have the reputation that its buddy Berlin has – and the other is that it’s not just a coffee and muffin type establishment.

While you can certainly enjoy a coffee and some great breakfasts (with a lot of the produce locally sourced) this place also serves dinners that include treats like dumplings.

The third surprise is that this place serves only vegetarian and vegan food. (Maybe that shouldn’t be such a surprise, but we have this image of Germans eating a lot of meat, you know?)

Klippkroog is at GroBe BergstraBe 255, 22767 Hamburg.

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