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Latin America Edition - 15 Things You've Gotta Do

If your bucket list isn't big enough...


If your bucket list isn't big enough as is, here are a few more things to throw in!

1. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Trek to one of the 7 new wonders of the world and Peru’s most famous spot. Journey to Machu Picchu with a local guide along the Inca Trail and enjoy the mind-blowing views of cloud forests, wildlife and waterfalls. As you arrive at Sun Gate, you’ll get your first glimpse of Machu Picchu in all its splendour. As the morning light brings this ancient site into view, words can’t describe the invigorating feeling of accomplishment.


2. Take a helicopter flight over Iguassu Falls
The only way to really take in the sheer enormity of Iguassu Falls is from an aerial view. A helicopter ride over Iguassu is really something special. See the three frontiers of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina as you watch the huge waterfalls in all their glory.


3. Visit Christ the Redeemer
Get up close and personal with Cristo Redentor who’s outstretched arms makes for one of Latin America’s most famous symbols. Not only do you get to see the man himself but you’ll also enjoy spectacular views. There’s nothing like a sunny day in Rio.

Image by Carine Bunsci

4. Kayak through the Peruvian Amazon
Paddle down one of the largest rivers in the world. Relax and take in the untouched sights of the amazon that surrounds you. You might even get a glimpse of the wildlife swinging through the trees or test your skills and try your hand at fishing piranhas!


5. Hang glide over Rio
Imagine you’re flying over Rio, taking in the stunning mountain ranges and perfect beaches all at once. Face your fear of heights with a tandem hand gliding lesson in undoubtedly one of the best places you could possibly do it. With the breathtaking bird’s eye view and the light tropical breeze in your hair, you’ll feel infinite.

6. Swim with the sharks in Galapagos
Exhilarating and terrifying all at once, get up close to the elusive Galapagos shark while you explore the beauty that lies underwater. There are plenty of other creatures to see too, including the playful sea lion and majestic Galapagos green turtle.


7. Visit the floating islands at Lake Titicaca
Take a boat ride on Lake Titicaca and experience the island of Taquile and the floating Uros Islands. See the unique cultures and way of life of the Peruvians who live on these islands made of reeds. While you’re there, pick up a handmade craft!

Image by Unukorno

8. Learn to tango in Argentina
Head to the home of tango and visit the colourful Buenos Aires. Learn to move and shake like a true Argentinean. After a quick lesson, sit back and watch the pros with an awe-inspiring show while you feast on a delicious meal.


9. Zipline through the rainforest in Costa Rica
Experience the beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforest while speeding through the rainforest on a zipline. Fly across the rainforest canopy and glide over rivers in Selvatura Park.

Image by Khaufle

10. Stretch out on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro
Grab yourself an ‘acai com granola’ and relax on one of the world’s most famous beaches, Copacabana. As a prime place to people watch and make friends with the locals, Copacabana beach is definitely one to tick off your bucket list.


11. Catch a cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio
Head on up… and up to 1299ft and see Rio in all its glory. Take the glass-paneled cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. You’ll find plenty of Kodak moments with the astounding views of the city.

12. Ride on a speedboat at Iguassu Falls

Fulfil your need for speed whilst marvelling at a natural spectacle. Absorb the beauty of Iguassu falls, the largest series of waterfalls on the planet while you fly through the river at top speed. Prepare to be sprayed.


13. Tackle the white waters in Costa Rica
Splash into rapids of the Sarapiqui River and try white water rafting. Prepare yourself for an adrenalin rush and to be drenched head to toe. This is certainly one way to cool down in summer.

14. Watch a football game at Estadio do Maracana in Brazil
Built in 1950 for the FIFA World Cup Brazil, the venue played host to the between Brazil and Uruguay, making it one of the most dramatic and memorable matches in history. Brazilian definitely has one of the best atmospheres when it comes to football matches.


15. Visit the Colca Canyon
Visit one of the deepest canyons in the world (thought to be twice as deep as the Grand Canyon). Although a little off the beaten tourist track, Colca Canyon is a must-see, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and frequent sightings of the Andean condor.

Image via Wikimedia

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