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Living life with #NOREGRETS in the Greek Islands

Your profile to this unbeatable destination


The Greek Islands are a place every traveller can’t help but love. Idyllic beaches, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and wild nightlife, the Islands have something for everyone and are a must-visit when in Europe.

Mykonos, famed as being the most cosmopolitan of the Islands, is an Aegean paradise best recognized by its white-washed houses, windmills and blue domed churches. No trip to the island is complete without a visit to the famous Paradise Beach, which is renowned for its day and night beach parties and of course, the gorgeous beach itself. The adventurous will love the water sports on offer, including kayaking, jet skiing, doughnuting and cliff jumping - a real adrenaline rush and definite #noregrets moment. Those keen to chill out and take in the beautiful scenery will appreciate the lounge chairs scattered along the foreshore and the gorgeous coastline. As the afternoon approaches, Tropicana Club will begin to blast out the tunes and before long there’ll be cocktails galore, singing, dancing and general mayhem. The club has been voted the ‘2nd Hottest Beach Bar All Over The World’, by, so make sure you wear your best bikini and come prepared for dancing on tabletops.

The Greek Islands have much more to offer than just partying, so if you’re keen to soak up a bit of culture and history then a trip to the Palace of Knossos, on the island of Crete, is a great option. This 4000 year old mythical Minoan Palace was designed by famed architect Dedalos and was built with such complexity that no-one placed in it could ever find its exit. As well as its astounding architecture, it is famous for being the site where the minotaur (half-man/half-bull) was slain. So, stand in its grandeur, close your eyes, listen to the myths and transport yourself back in time, a #noregrets moment like no other.

Located not far from Crete is the stunning island of Santorini, and in terms of scenery, it doesn’t get much better than this place! For the best view of the island, travellers make their way to the village of Oia (pronounced Ia), which is situated on top of an impressive cliff and offers spectacular views of neighbouring volcanoes and islands. Oia is a traditional village with charming houses, narrow streets, tiny churches and many art galleries, and it provides for the perfect lazy afternoon where you can catch the most incredible sunset. Grab yourself a hot Gyros (a delicious Greek kebab with spiced meat, salad and chips), perch yourself on the cliff side and watch as the sun sets over the islands. A spectacular view, a feeling like no other and one of the top #noregrets moments when in the Greek Islands.

Greek Islands

It’s time to turn it up a notch and finish the Greek adventure at the ultimate party spot, Ios. In the day, explore one of its many beaches that span 75km and in the night, be prepared to party until the wee hours of the morning - this island doesn’t kick off till midnight! With so many bars, clubs and pubs to explore, Ios is your oyster, but if we could recommend just one place you visit, it’s Slammer Bar. The bar fills out every single night, with Hip Hop, House, Rock n Roll and 70’s tunes blasting out the speakers.

For your chance to life life with #NOREGRETS & WIN a Contiki trip in Europe, head to

What Greek Island are you most looking forward to visiting and are going for the nightlife, the beaches, the culture or the complete package?

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