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Maggie's, London

Bringing the 80's back...


Named after British Prime-Minister Margaret Thatcher, Maggie's is an 80's themed nightclub located in the trendy area of Chelsea that promises great tunes, outrageous outfits and all in all an amazing night out!

With its rather plain facade, the club can be easily missed from street level, however step through it's small door and down the narrow staircase and you will be transported back in time and encouraged to get your wild thing on. The walls are covered in neon street art, the dance-floor is a grid of coloured cubes, the staff are head to tail in lycra and metallics, and the tables are oversized rubiks cubes - awesome?! We know. Maggie's is unlike any other nightclub that you'll find in London and fuses elements that are quintessentially English with the 'kitsch-ness' of the 80's, which you'll quickly see reflected in its decor, menu, music and overall vibe!

To set the scene... Margaret Thatcher memorabilia (including a vintage bottle of champagne signed by the woman herself) is proudly displayed along the walls along with other 80's images and paraphernalia, and all staff are dressed as famous 80's personalities and trained to execute Tom Cruise style tricks all night long. The decor and 'uniforms' can be quite a bit to take in but once you've done so you can mosy over to the bar and look through one of the classic 1980's view-masters (you remember the one's!) for the click-through drinks menu. A popular choice is the unforgettable Babycham and Maggie's also offers a range of delicious cocktails (Pina Coladas, Daiquiris etc) which are all available in giant fishbowls - complete with sparklers and metre long straws! The DJ blasts out 80's classics all night and the coloured dance floor comes to life with its pop neon lights. Now, the bathroom's aren't normally a focus for us when partying the night away however we'll make an exception with these ones. Step inside Maggie's loo's, or fall in after one of the fish bowls, and be overwhelmed by the giant Union Jack's painted on each of the doors and the muffled sounds of recordings from some of Thatcher's most famous speeches from her 10 years in power echoing through.

Maggie's has been catching attention around the world with US Vogue recently visiting and stating 'London has made way for Maggie's' and Stylist Magazine saying 'If you were a child of the eighties, Maggie's is the nightclub for you.' And, that brings us to yet another thing we love about Maggie's, the club reserves the right to decline anyone born after the eighties to ensure that you're not partying alongside 'kids'. In fact, Maggie’s is actually a regular haunt of the ‘Made In Chelsea’ crew, so you might even be able to fit in a bit of celeb spotting alongside your boogieing.

What’s more, Maggie’s has started popping up in unexpected places around London and was most recently seen with its pop-coloured crazy decor and disco balls at the Henley Royal Regatta. You can keep up with all the action on its Facebook page at; and make sure you catch the real deal at the club itself - 329 Fulham Rd, London, SW10 9QL.

Comments (1)

  • Pooderbager


    almost 3 years ago

    Remind me to go here for an Ecto Cooler and Stoli..

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