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More world records

The most costume changes in a one-take music video.


We have to admit, we’re sucker for a world record. Whether it’s the biggest burger ever, or the most slam-dunks in a game, or the most lamingtons eaten in one sitting.

In fact, sometimes the weirder the better! I mean, who even would have thought of this being a world record: the most costume changes in a one-take music video. Pretty ridiculous.

Regardless, Brooklyn-based Eytan & the Embassy have scored the special spot with their video for ‘Everything Changes’. The theme of the song is that people shouldn’t feel the need to “find themselves” but rather, they should “create themselves” and they are apparently hoping that other bands and artists try to break their record.

Looks like a challenge, friends! There were 18 changes in the four-minute clip; can you do better than that?

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