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Muji, Japan

One stop for all your travel essentials...


If you´re not already familiar with the brand, Muji is a Japanese company with a basic mission - to develop simple, affordable and environmentally friendly products. ´What the heck has this got to do with my awesome travel plans´, we hear you scream?!´ Amongst hundreds of other things that the store sells, Muji has an huge supply of travel bits and pieces and has pretty much everything you´ll need when on the road, so its worth stopping in before your big trip!

Step into any one of its stores around the globe and you will find white walls, natural lighting and a range of products without a glimpse of branding - simple yet brilliant. Prices are low, quality is high and as the designs are plain, meaning you can customise anything you buy and make it instantly reconisable in any packed hostel. So, what exactly will you find in Muji? The store does sell luggage but this is definitely not its strongest point. What we love, is that Muji stocks travels gadgets, gizmo´s and things that you didn´t even know you needed - think travel accessories, travel bottles, cases and containers, organisers, and is far cooler than your typical travel store. You can view all of its kit online at but here´s a quick rundown of our favourite things.

Travel Accessories

Not the most interesting range but definitely the most practical, Muji´s travel accessories section includes all your basics such as travel pillows, eye masks, power adapters and ear plugs, as well the more technical of products such as fold-up tooth brush, a shrink wrap towel, a portable ash tray and for all the girls, a travel hair dryer! These things can be pretty hard to come by once you´ve started the travels so its worth stocking up on all of this before you leave.

Travel Bottles and Cases

It doesn´t sound like something you´ll need but, think about all those times you´ve gone to check into a flight and have had some pesky flight attendent make you throw out your 200ml face wash. Well, Muji has a range of travel bottles and cases allowing you to take your fave products from home and cart them around in small containers that are ´carry-on´ friendly and won´t split like a Dove bottle in your pack - we like it!

Travel Organisers

Here you will find everything from passport holders, camera cases, travel pouches, tablet cases and card holders. As you know, when traveling around you´ll have a stack of papers, cards and docs so though they may sound a little on the geeky side, they will come in handy!

Travel Electronics

Now, we´re not talking the high-tech qualities of Apple here guys BUT Muji stocks a range of electricals that can come in handy when on the move, . The multi-clock is pretty cool and depending on the way it is held, can tell you the time, temperature, act as a calendar or as an alarm! We also really like the ´squeezy torch´ which is tiny and so perfect for chucking in your pocket if you´re planning a late not out and don´t want to wake the roomies.

Muji has stores around the world and also sells most of its products online. It´s worth looking at before your trip as it is bound to have a few extra´s that you didn´t find in your local travel store.

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