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#OneShot Series Winner

Prepare for some inspiration!


We asked you to join our One Shot Series by sharing what drives you to use your #OneShot at life to make real change, and we were blown away by the results.

See the top 10 entries below, all of which will be having a Shark in the Galapagos sponsored on their behalf through the Galapagos Conservation Trust as well as winning some gear from our friends at Billabong.

If you haven't won, don't let it get you down. Every single action you take to make a change, will make change. In the words of Celine Cousteau, "everyone has it in them to become involved involved in sustainability" - so keep thinking & keep doing.


"Being able to see the beauty of nature raw & untouched drives me to make a change for those that will follow." - submitted by @journeytom via Twitter.

"The fact that there are others who have less (or nothing at all) or suffers more than me drives me to make my #oneshot count" - submitted by Emily Jane B via

"Losing my mom to cancer gave me #OneShot. I started Fin Forward to provide shark dives for cancer surviors!" - submitted by @b22squared via Twitter. (Find out more about Fin Forward here.)

"I believe as human beings we're interconnected & have an obligation to each other. That's what drives me." - submitted by @HumanitariaK via Twitter.

"I want the next generations to know what a thrill it is to climb a tree, to lie under the clear starry night, to dive into a clear sparkling sea. We have one world, #oneshot." - submitted by Patricia G via

"I have a Master's degree in Environmental Science and work in a dog daycare. I love animals and nature. However my passion and fuel to keep fighting for what I love has got me writing proposals for a PHD. My motivation is my passion and my love for this." - submitted by Allison F via

"Orphans I met in Mexico opened my eyes and made me realize that not everyone is as fortunate to have a family and home. #oneshot" -submitted by @TwentiesGirl92 via Twitter.

"Seeing a robin blue sky and wanting to share that same feeling with others. Lets join together to save our beautiful earth!" - submitted by Arthur L via

"My 24 schoolage children drives me 2use my #oneshot to make a real change-planting trees&flowers #OneShot" - submitted by @TdotLUV4Ddub.

Are you a winner!? If you entered via Twitter we'll tweet and DM you to grab an email address. If you entered via expect an email from us soon!!

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