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Pho Café, Los Angeles

Cheap and cheerful and chockers.


Pho Café is a little diner-style place that doesn’t really look a lot from the outside: basic tables and chairs lining the wall, an exposed kitchen, white-wash walls and not a lot of “atmosphere”. But once you’re seated the atmosphere appears in the form of really good Vietnamese food – and the patrons’ enthusiasm for it.

This super-casual Vietnamese diner is located in a little strip-mall on Sunset Boulevard. A strip-mall that looks a little sketchy and not very enticing – but then you notice the line streaming out of Pho Café.

If you don’t mind lining up for a second, you won’t regret your 20-minute wait. The service is friendly, the food arrives damn fast, and – most importantly – it is delicious.

Apart from classic Pho (there’s all kinds), you can have vermicelli noodle dishes, vegetarian options, fishcakes and spring rolls and other great little starters, and an impressive beer list for a restaurant so small.

Beware: it’s cash only, so bring your Benjamins. (Not that it’s pricey, though. You’ll get a dinner there for under $12 easily!)

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