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Ralphisms, from Ralph Wiggum

A Simpsons special.


Sometimes the best characters on a TV show aren’t the main ones – in fact, sometimes they’re the people who roll in for one scene or one line every now and then and totally steal the show.

That is definitely the case with some of the minor recurring characters on The Simpsons. (Shout outs to Comic Book Store Guy and Martin Prince.) One of The Simpsons favourites is little Ralph Wiggum. A total idiot and a total doll, Ralph is kind of tragic.

The creators of the long-running show put together a little reel of Ralphisms a little while ago* – those cringe-worthy moments that Ralph eats something inedible, says something embarrassingly demented, or gets his body parts into some awkward situation. 
It’s not highbrow, but it’s damn fun.

*Why didn’t we hear about this sooner?

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