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Ring of Mirrors by Arnaud Lapierre, Paris

Place Vendome.


The French really are a classy bunch, aren’t they? Even their street installations are ritzy.  

French artist Arnaud Lapierre recently unveiled his Ring of Mirrors at the Place Vendome in Paris and it’s pretty spectacular.

While we could try to explain the piece (which really warps the viewer’s perspective and view of their surroundings) sometimes it’s best to take a tip from the artist: “’Ring’ is an installation which takes into consideration the urban space networking: the rhythm, flow, organisation and spatial hierarchy… This dynamic installation changes the relationships between individuals and the space they are going through.”

Like walking through a hall of mirrors, but outdoors, the Ring creates a jigsaw-type view of the Place Vendome and its surroundings. The most incredible view is, perhaps, not the Place Vendome at all, but the cut-out pieces of sky and clouds that can be seen inside the Ring.

Probably not the best piece of art to take a wander through if you’re feeling delicate.

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