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Ryan McGinley, Animals

Exhibitions in New York.


Everybody loves Ryan McGinley. And if you don't, it's probably only because you haven't seen his work yet.

The New York-based photographer is known for his cinematic, romantic and moody imagery that often depicts porcelain-skinned beauties and a lot of nature.

McGinley has just opened two exhibitions (simultaneously) in New York, Grids and Animals. Grids is a series of images in which McGinley has focused on singular people in a crowd and then spliced them up together. It's amazing; the faces of adoration, worship and hysteria.

Animals is a little more in-line with the work we're used to seeing from McGinely, in that there are a lot of nudes. The project is a collection of images that, while feature people, focus on animals that are invading their space. It's pretty magical – like all of McGinley's photographs.

Grids at Team Gallery, 47 Wooster Street, NY. Animals at Team Gallery, 83 Grand Street, NY.

But if you can't get to New York City (we know how you feel) you can see all of McGinley's work online.

More here.

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