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Skate Style – Shop the Look

Our top picks for the ultimate skate outfit…


Practical, durable, effortlessly cool – that’s what skate style is all about. As skateboarding has developed into a mainstream sport, so has its style. Gone are the days of the ultimate baggy jean, reel big fish t-shirts and spiked to perfection hair, replaced instead with tailored jeans, stylish button down shirts or graphic tees, and of course the mandatory Vans/Supras/Etnies.

Like the skate look? Shop it now, with our top picks:

Skate Style

1 The Hat

Serves a dual purpose – not only does it look great, it also helps to protect against painful head bumps and scrapes. We’re loving the Algonquin 5 Panel from street style brand Raised By Wolves – it’s cool, it’s functional, and it’s affordable. What more do you want from a hat? Shop it here .

2 The Tee

No authentic skate look is complete without the uniform tee, so where better to shop than Analog clothing. Analog specialise in skate, surf and snowboard apparel, and use innovative techniques to ensure their clothing is at the cutting edge of design and technology. We think this Wall Flag tee fits the bill perfectly. Shop it here .

3 The Jeans

When you’re looking for skate jeans, you have to think of one thing – comfort. Performing tricks in tight, restrictive clothing is pretty much impossible, however much you love skinny jeans. Don’t expect your jeans to stay in pristine condition – prepare for twisting, tearing, fading, and probably even some blood! We’re liking the L3 Cove Blue jeans from Lee – they’re a straight, narrow cut so will give you plenty of movement without the baggy jean effect. Shop it here .

4 The Shoes

Here comes the minefield – which brand do you go for? Ideally skate shoes are flexible, flat-soled and with excellent grip, helping to keep you on the board. For extra support and ankle grazing protection, go for a mid or high top sneaker, like these Half Cab shoes from Vans. They have an enhanced foot bed and padded tongue for extra durability, plus they look great. Shop it here .

5 The Board

The ultimate accessory to any skate outfit. With any luck you’ll know how to ride this, if not just carry it nonchalantly under one arm and act like you’re in the know. We’re digging the boards from French company Cliché, especially this Andrew Brophy Tarot Keystone Deck design, probably the best tarot card we’ve ever seen. Shop it here , and check out a Cliché board in action as team member Sammy Winter skates through Le Cite de la Mode in Paris:

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