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Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, Taiwan.

A symbol of Taiwan’s growing creative scene.


Heading to Taiwan? Probably not. But on the off chance, make sure you visit the vibing Songshan Cultural & Creative Park.

Now a symbol of Taiwan’s growing creative scene, the large cement warehouses were originally home to a tobacco factory. Which is hardly believable given the lush grounds and goose clad pond they are set on.

One of the galleries is currently hosting lego artist Natahn Sawaya’s international “The Art of the Brick” exhibition. Another of the buildings is home to a collection of modern art, bursting with colour and interactive installations.

Despite being hip and modern, many of the pieces at the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park still embody Taiwanese and Asian culture, making for a unique viewing experience you wouldn’t be likely to see at home. Our favourite piece? A hand knitted bicycle tuk tuk. How fabulously impractical.

Visit for more info (you’re probably going to need google translator for that one!)

(This article was written by Samantha Chalker from Saving For Cuba.)

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