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Stream Kitty Pride’s debut EP

Called Haha, I’m Sorry.


To be honest, we’re still not really sure if Kitty Pride is taking us for a ride or if she’s dead-set serious. That said, does it really even matter? (Look at Die Antwoord and even Odd Future.)

Kitty Pride is a Florida-based singer/borderline-rapper whose songs are about mega crushes on Justin Bieber and Danny Brown, working at Claire’s, going to hardcore shows, hanging out with skaters, and OKCupid. She’s somewhere between school age and – we’re guessing – 20-ish. (Some are saying she’s officially 19 years old, but KP hasn’t confirmed it.)

Regardless of her official age, this internet sensation has taken a cutesy, bubblegum persona and blended it with a rougher edged, sassy element. While she rhymes about kissing Justin Bieber posters, she also rhymes about running over Selena Gomez.

Her debut EP is just 13 minutes long, and is full of Kitty Pride’s now-trademark giggling and fairyfloss vibe.

Listen right now.

More here.

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