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Sziget, Budapest

Deemed Europe's Best Major Festival...will you be there?


Combine over 1000 incredible acts, 60 stages, a beautiful Hungarian island and revellers from around the globe and what do you get? Sziget, winner of the 'Best European Major Festival' award and the cultural and music destination of the summer!

Now in its 20th year, Sziget definitely has developed from the relatively low student event that it started out as to the definititve European rock festival that it is currently renowned for. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and it is widely regarded as Europe's version of 'Burning Man' festival. The festival takes place on an island in Danube, right in the centre of Budapest, so is very easy to get to, but, our favourite mode of transport is the Sziget Express - a party wagon packed with DJs and bars that runs from the Netherlands!

This year the festival will take place from August 6th to 13th and boasts a stellar line-up with acts from around the globe all descending on Hungary for an unforgettable week! Karoly Gerendai, main organizer of the event said, 'this year we also have to show to the whole world that the Best European Major Festival title came to the right place, so besides the multi-artistic and unique spirit of Sziget, we also present great bands that are trademarks of the international festival scene.' The talent is diverse but the names that have caught our attention are; Snoop Dog, David Guetta, LMFAO, The Ting Tings, The Killers, The Vaccines and The Horrors - though there are tonne of other great act that are worth checking out. Keep up with all the new acts being announced at;

Once you're ready for a break from the tunes (if that's possible) you can enjoy a tonne of pretty random activites you wouldn't normally expect at a music festival; belly dancing, bungy jumping, Hungarian language lessons, swimming (the festival has a pool - awesome!), karaoke, football and there's no way possible that you'll be bored!

Now, we wouldn't normally talk about the food at a festival as, let's be honest, who cares?! But, there is a tonne of partying to be had so you will get hungry and the food and drink options are so ridiculous that we simply had to share! Vegetarians will be well catered for with hummus in the Bio-Vega bar, vegetable grill, roasted vegetarian sausage, vegetable-spit, fried-roasted pasta, spinach and vegetable hash. If that doesn't float you're boat or you're after something a little healther (NB: sarcasm) you can choose from pizzas, fried dough, grilled foods, pancakes, hawk-fried potato, Churros, New York hot-dog, fried dough (not 100% sure what is), as well as a wide selection of seafood and international cuisines with Arab, Greek, Chinese, Transylvanian, Indian specialities. Moreover, the festival boasts 12 taverns, a sausage pitch and 80 beer-pubs, so I think they've got the food and drink sitch sorted.

We love that this festival doesn't take itself too seriously and that, coupled with the killer line-up and incredible location, is more than enough reson for us to attend. When Nostalgia pulled out Sziget proudly boasted on its website 'Nostalgia stays home. Cool bands come instead.' Love it! Go there!

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