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The Comedy Store, Los Angeles

Where will you be laughing tonight?


Los Angeles’ The Comedy Store, is a killer venue that plays host to a wealth of comedic talent that will be sure to have in stitches. Formerly the notorious Sunset Strip Club Ciro, The Comedy Store has been pumping out the gags for 40 years and has always prided itself on hosting promising young comedians who have gone on to become household names.

The club first opened in 1972 and in its early years struggled to make cash but thanks to its determined and innovative owner this was not the case for long. The Comedy Store was one of the first venues to dedicate a room solely to female comedians and quickly became a renowned as a venue for upcoming talent. In the 70’s producers and agents could be found amongst the audience at the club scouting for new stars and Jim Carey, Chris Rock, Robin Williams and Chelsea Handler were just a few of the comedians that graced its stages in the early years of their careers.

Today, the club boasts three rooms (the Main Room, the Original Room and the Belly Room) where a variety of comedians come show off their jokes to an international audience. The venue is open every day and has a jam-packed event calendar that can be viewed at Gigs usually run for 15 minutes and on Pot Luck night you can enjoy up to 40 comedians in one hit, yewwww!

The Comedy Store Pot Luck Night is the starting point for many famous names and includes both the Open Mic Show (David Letterman starred in this back in the day) and the Friends and Family Show (Jim Carrey and Sam Kinnison, nailed this several years ago). Starting at 7pm, heating up at 9pm and finishing at 2am, it’s a pretty surreal experience and an awesome night out with a group of mates. Tickets are only $10 for the night (two drink min per person – easy!) and tickets to other individual shows can be purchased on the website.

The site profiles all of the comedians that have performed at the venue and currently perform and the list is long. Dave Chappelle, Roseanne Barr, Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais are among some of the famous names and it can only be assumed that some of the unknown acts will one day be of the same calibre. So, get yourself over to The Comedy Store and watch some comedic young talent that in years to come you can say you saw live for just ten bucks!

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