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The Farmer’s Market, Los Angeles

At The Grove.


Even if you’re visiting LA and aren’t interested in buying fresh fruit and vegetables, you should visit the Farmer’s Market at The Grove, Hollywood.

As well as a bunch of local produce, the Grove’s Farmer’s Market has a truckload of delicious treats for you to taste. There are food stalls offering just about every kind of cuisine possible: Korean BBQ, Mexican, Brazilian, tapas, crepes, gumbo, clam chowder, gourmet ice-cream – the only problem is figuring out which stall to eat at.

(We highly recommend, as usual with street food, heading to where the crowds are and trying a little from a bunch of different spots.)

There are also a few tourist-y, souvenir stores around – our favourite though, is a store dedicated entirely to hot sauce. There is Tabasco-style condiments from all over the world, all different flavours and levels of burn.

If you like food, you need to go to there.

More here.

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