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The Royal Family of Strange People, London

The Coney Island Freak Show for the 21st Century...


Tired of the Olympics and looking for some alternative world-class entertainment in the heart of London? Look no further than ‘The Royal Family of Strange People’ – a visual showcase of ‘the finest international freaks ever assembled... a show of extraordinary stunts, tricks and strange behaviour that pushes the boundaries of what the human body is able to achieve.’

‘The Royal Family of Strange People’ is hosted by Priceless London Wonderground, a marvelous new festival of cabaret, circus and sideshow, and is being held at the famous Southbank Centre this summer. Running from May 8th right through to 30th September, the extravaganza is in a sense, a modern day freakshow that displays human oddities and abilities that are sure to make you gasp. ‘The Royal Family of Strange People’ boasts internationally-recognised talent including; Australian sword swallowing legend and eleven times Guinness World Record holder ‘The Space Cowboy’, princess of pain Zoe L’Amore, ‘The Lizard Man’ and the world’s smallest comic ‘Imaan’, among many other acts.

The spectacular lasts one hour and in each show you will see between four and six acts all of which will wow and shock you with their many ‘talents’. It’s best to expect the unexpected but just to give you some idea, the likes of sword swallowing (The Space Cowboy has been known to swallow 18 in one go), suspension, knife throwing, levitation and skin stretching are not out of the question! The Lizard Man is perhaps one of the best known acts, and if you’re not familiar with the guys, he is a self-described freak who has endured 700 hours of tattooing,had five Teflon horns subdermally implanted above each of his eyes to form horned ridges, has had four teeth filed into sharp fangs, has had his tongue split in half and has dragged cars with piercings in his earlobes. Hectic!!

Tickets are priced at £15.50 but there is currently a special offer on all performances until September 22nd. By calling 0844 545 8282 (from the UK) and quoting ROYAL, you can grab tickets to the show for just 7.50! For show information visit their website here.

So, check out this smorgasbord of strange for yourself, or if you’re really intrigued to take a look at TMZ’s pics before the live show here.

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