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The Ultimate Guide to Latin America

Food, Culture, Adventure, Beauty


Food, culture, adventure and astonishing natural beauty. These are the four pillars that make Latin America arguably one of the best places in the world to travel and explore. Whether you’re up for hand gliding over Rio, touring round a favela, fishing for piranhas or just kicking back and swimming with sea lions (as you do), Latin America has it all covered. Here’s our guide to the Ultimate LatAm experience.

1) Ultimate Food

Latin America goes two ways with its food culture – local and delicious, or authentic and weird (but as it’s authentic, you can’t say no!). Going down the local and delicious route, no LatAm experience would be complete without tasting some delicious ceviche, asado and how could we neglect to mention, Argentinian steak. Just. Incredible. But for the slightly more daring explorer, there are of course some local delicacies to try out. Head to a local innards market and you may just find yourself dining on some sheep head soup (sheep head left in for ultimate flavour), fried guinea pig and our absolute favourite, toad juice. Don’t believe us? Check out how Parker from sundayfundayz got on when he took the Latin America Epic food adventure:

2) Ultimate Culture

With its many temples, landmarks and carnivals, Latin America is a land steeped in culture. Top of the list, and deservedly so, is of course Machu Picchu in Peru. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is an invaluable piece of Inca history. Top tip, make the pilgrimage at first light – you won’t be disappointed. A close second comes Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Possibly one of the most iconic landmarks of the world, he makes the perfect backdrop to any selfie. Other must do’s? Take a tour of the favelas in Rio, try out a tango lesson in Argentina or for the ULTIMATE experience, book a trip to Carnival – it’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s loud, and it’s fabulous. For more LatAm culture, check this out:

3) Ultimate Adventure

Self-confessed lover of adrenalin or just someone who’s looking to overcome your fears? Latin America is PACKED with adventure activities to get your pulse racing. For you ultimate daredevils, test your nerve with a bungy jump (down) or sling shot (up) in Peru, or why not try checking out Rio from a different angle, bird’s eye view style as you paraglide over the city. If you’re not quite up for airborne adventures, stick to getting your thrills on two wheels, taking a bike tour of Buenos Aires or mountain biking through the incredible terrain around Lima. Horse lovers can get in on the action as well – test your hand eye coordination on horseback with a game of polo. Need more Adventure inspiration? Check out Rush from sundayfundayz taking the Latin America extreme spots challenge:

4) Ultimate Beauty

Beaches, rainforests, coral reefs, or canyons, Latin America is a hot bed of natural beauty, not to mention a photographers dream. Picking your favourite beach is like choosing from a menu – impossible. The abundance of crystal clear waters, palm trees and flawless white sand is just ridiculous, but if we must choose at a push, Dois Rios beach near Rio is spectacular, and even better, completely unspoilt. For dive fanatics, we have one word for you, Galapagos. Dolphins, sharks, giant tortoise and sea lions are all frequent visitors to the waters and reefs surrounding the Galapagos, and if you’re lucky the sea lions may even engage you in a game of tag! Bird spotters we haven’t forgotten about you, head to Colca Canyon in Peru and watch the majestic condors as they ride the morning thermal waves. And as for jungle lovers? Where better to release your inner Attenborough than the Amazon rainforest itself. Covering a ginormous 2.1 million square miles and home to approximately 10 million species of animals, plants and insects, the Amazon is the daddy of all rainforests. Check out our guide to survival:

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