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Tim Burton, The Exhibition

A man of madness, wonder and upmost creativity...


The man who brought us characters from Edward Scissorhands, Beetle Juice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas, has just opened his exhibition in Paris and all we can say is, get yourself there! The 700 piece exhibition boasts works from throughout the career of Director and Artist Tim Burton, and includes characters, paintings and drawings, all of which will leave you speechless.

The exhibition was created in 2009 by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was intended to offer its viewers the chance to completely immerse themselves in Tim Burton’s kooky, spooky and let’s be frank, a little weird, world that he has made a 27 year career from.

At the exhibition you can see the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas staring creepily at you from behind the glass casing, the Beetle Juice Carousel hat as it flickers and turns in a darkened room, the original Edward Scissorhands costume (it’s unusually small, Johnny Depp must have been a size 0 back in the day!), a costume Burton’s latest film Dark Shadows and 100’s of drawings from several of Burton’s eerie films and tales.

Burton has always said that his drawings offer him a route of expression and at the exhibition you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of these that he has created and the detail in each one. Some drawings are on towels and napkins whilst others are from torn out pages from books, no matter what the canvas, each is uniquely brilliant and contains visions that most people could not dream up in a lifetime, let alone just a career.

Burton described himself as somewhat of an outcast during his youth and many believe that this is in fact the key to his success and a contributor to his intensely creative mind. His ability to create wacky and surreal characters like those from his version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice and Wonderland is incredible and could be due to the fact that he has said he could always relate to those types of characters. ‘I grew up feeling that people looking at you are a kind of monster, so I was related to those characters like whether it was Frankenstein or King-Kong,’ he said.

Whatever the reason for Burton’s creative mind, it is truly brilliant and you really don’t have to be an art enthusiast or film buff to appreciate his exhibition. So, if you have a spare hour while in Paris make sure you head over La Cinémathèque Française and check it out. The exhibition is running until August 5th and tickets are around the £10 mark. To find out more visit;

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