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It can be important to take photographs when travelling but you don't want to be messing around with all the different settings on your camera instead of enjoying the moment. Being a predominately self taught photographer, I have made many mistakes (and miraculously corrected them) so here are some photography tips that may help you.

1. Don't forget to edit. The photo above was taken with a $50 camera bought from a supermarket which is proof that an ordinary photo can look great if edited correctly. Try messing around with "curves" in Photoshop or try downloading a preset from the internet. Even underexposed or overexposed photos can be fixed by simply changing the brightness of a photo.

2. Try taking photos from different perspectives. Don't always do what is expected. For example, when wanting to take a photo of something outside a window, instead of opening the window to get a clear view, try taking the photo from inside. Try immersing yourself in the country's way of life instead of doing the expected touristy activities to achieve some unique photos and a great experience.

3. Sometimes all a picture needs is good lighting. If you walk across something you want to take a photo of and you know it'll still be there (for example, a building), try visiting it at different times of the day to see what lighting looks best. Lighting can change the whole look of a photo.

4. Stick your camera on Av mode if your camera has that function. This way you can easily change the most important settings like ISO, exposure and aperture. A higher ISO, larger aperture (lower in number) will make your shutter speed faster and the exposure controls how light or dark your photo will turn out.

5. If you are trying to take photos whilst moving or in low light situations, make sure your shutter speed is fast enough so the picture isn't one big blur. If you are taking a photo where you can balance your camera on a stable surface, try making your shutter speed slower for a nice effect. This looks particularly cool when used on lakes as it smooths out the surface of the water.

(Written and photographed by Jeannine Tan)

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