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Traveller of the Week: Greg Amiel

Our fave traveller for the week of May 6th, 2013


Greg Amiel


Montreal, Canada

Contiki trips taken
Asian Adventure (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia)

Contiki ‘day song’
212 - Azealia Banks

Favourite country visited
Thailand. The cities are wild and upbeat, but the countryside is so gorgeous and peaceful.

Favourite city visited
Vang Vieng, Laos. Tubing in the river was too much fun! It was midway through the trip and that was the day we all really came together as a travelling group.

Favourite part of the Contiki trip
Meeting new friends - people come from all over. Sharing stories and hearing experiences from all different parts of the world is the coolest thing ever! You learn so much about others and their cultures and you make friends that will last a long time.

Favourite photo from the trip
All of them! There are times I get a little nostalgic and open them up and go through all 2000 + that I took in 2 weeks. We had so much fun. The friends I made were great and each photo of them brings back a great a laugh and an awesome story to tell those back home.

Next Contiki trip
Being a very busy person, it's hard to plan a trip on my own and Contiki is by far the easiest and most organized way to do it. My next trip will likely be a European Experience as I have never been to Europe. I would also consider South America and would love to get to visit and experience that culture as well.

I'd tell anyone considering a Contiki to just go all out, every chance you have - be a part of every offered activity. Have fun, dont be shy, be yourself, but be outgoing. You will be so surprised at how many people are so incredibly welcoming and friendly. When you think you can't or think you shouldn't, try it anyways! Contiki was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Cheers to Greg for sharing his travel story. Do YOU want to be Contiki's Traveller of the Week?
Send us a tweet to let us know why YOU'RE the ultimate Contiki traveller!

 photo TOTW-Greg-1_zps89cefbef.jpg

 photo TOTW-Greg-5_zps2e0bb2a6.jpg

 photo TOTW-Greg-6_zps4db62210.png

 photo TOTW-Greg-2_zpse0648cdb.jpg

 photo TOTW-Greg-4_zps4cd9c5d3.jpg

 photo TOTW-Greg-7_zps6d9552e7.png

 photo TOTW-Greg-3_zps1ca732fe.jpg

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